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Category: Instrumentation Amplifiers
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Dover Flexo Electronics Inc. (DFE), based in Rochester, NH, USA, manufactures and supports a full line of tension control products for materials processing manufacturers. We are a leader in developing web tension control products & technology.

Through the careful design, manufacture and support of automatic tension controllers, tension indicators, tension transducers and pneumatic tension brakes, DFE has successfully delivered solutions to our customers' industrial tension problems since 1974.

See the origins story and the product time line.

DFE is the natural choice of process and maintenance engineers for upgrading existing machinery with modern, efficient tension control. Improvements in productivity and lower operating costs due to reductions in material waste can pay for the investment in a Dover tension control system in as little as a few weeks. OEMs and machinery builders also choose DFE to incorporate the most reliable, cost-effective tension controls into their machine designs. Consistent quality, product reliability and superior technical support translate into low cost of ownership for all our customers.

We hope this site provides you with an initial overview of our products, application in the industries we serve, and information on web tension control in general. Please ask for information in your area of interest by e-mailing us at info@dfe.com, calling 603-332-6150, or faxing 603-332-3758. We welcome your applications questions.

The DFE Philosophy

Our goal is to satisfy your tension control needs, whatever they might be. In order to consistently meet the application requirements of all types of converting equipment and process machinery, we devote our development and manufacturing expertise exclusively to solving web tension problems. From DFE you'll find a wide range of standard tension control products, which we'll modify as needed, to fit your specifications.

One major difference between DFE and our competitors is our commitment to delivering the most rugged, reliable and easy-to-use equipment on the market--from off-the-shelf or specially modified. Whether you require a complete tension control system or only a component, we will provide the equipment and technical support you require whenever you need it. Because our focus is limited to tension measurement, display and control, our delivery times are typically much faster than those of our competitors.

Please checkout our products here on the site, or download a current Product Guide (pdf). It highlights major features and benefits of each of our standard products. Please inquire if there does not appear to be a product to fit your application. DFE delivers tension solutions for almost any continuous process machine.

Who are DFE'S Customers?

DFE serves manufacturers in converting and flexible packaging; commercial printers; manufacturers of paper, film and foil products, tape, labels, wire, synthetic fibers, ribbon, nonwoven roll goods, textiles, tire cord, fabrics, and other industries. Any continuous manufacturing process that involves web, ribbon or filament can benefit from Dover's experience and wide assortment of products. Machinery builders who serve these industries design DFE tension control equipment right into their products.

Tension control is often used in sub-processes such as unwinding, winding, extruding, slitting, sheeting, coating, laminating, braiding, embossing and embedding. These operations can be highly involved and proper web tension is needed for high-quality output. So it's important to work with a tension control supplier you can rely on — one with a range of reliable products, industry experience and excellent service capabilities.

Environmental Regulation Compliance

It is not inexpensive for an independent electronics manufacturer in the USA to keep up with all of the environmental regulations imposed on us by government agencies and industry trade organizations inside and outside the country.

DFE is pleased to announce that all of our transducers and most of our electronics devices are now RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the European Union and restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

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