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Dry Coolers, Inc. is a major supplier of industrial cooling systems and professional engineering services. Located in the heart of the automotive industry, Dry Coolers is experienced in working with large and small contractors to assist in the design and manufacture of industrial process cooling solutions. Our cooling systems range in size from small point-of-service cooling to large complex plant-wide systems.

Using degreed, in-house engineering talent and the latest CAD design programs, Dry Coolers can provide state-of-the-art assistance to make your installation a smooth one. Dry Coolers' involvement in your project can be as simple as that of a supplier of individual system components or as complex as the complete design and installation of plant-wide cooling system.

Dry Coolers' equipment ranges from simple manually controlled equipment to complex, PLC-driven systems for automated operation. Each project is provided with documentation that is professional and complete in the form of operation and maintenance manuals, engineering and installation drawings, etc. Proposal drawings can be provided with 3-D views as well as conventional 2-D layouts for clarity of illustration.

Dry Coolers' experience includes: 

  • Open Evaporative Towers
  • Closed-Loop Evaporative Towers
  • Air-Cooled ("Dry Cooler") Closed-loop Systems
  • Chillers, Vapor Coolers/Condensers
  • Pumping Stations
  • Control Panels
  • Emergency Back-up Systems (City Water, Motor Powered, Gas Operated)
  • Filtration and Solids Removal Equipment
  • Complete Plant Systems

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