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DuPont™ Nomex® Energy Solutions

A History of Quality and Reliability

For over 40 years, Nomex® thermal technology has performed in the most demanding electrical applications helping to solidify DuPont’s position as a global leader in UL-recognized Electrical Insulation Systems.

Within the family of Nomex® products – primarily papers and pressboards in various forms - there’s a high-quality solution to meet virtually any electrical insulation requirement. When used properly, Nomex® helps extend the life of electrical equipment and reduce premature failures.

For a recognized leader in electrical insulation systems, call on the brand trusted worldwide for over 40 years—DuPont™ Nomex®.

Nomex® Paper & Pressboard
Nomex® Paper and Pressboard feature outstanding inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, thermal stability and flame resistance that help manufacturers extend the life of electrical equipment and reduce premature failures.
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Laminates made with Nomex® paper
Engineered for outstanding performance and reliability, laminates manufactured with Nomex® high-performance insulation solutions are ideally suited to a variety of temperature ranges and applications.
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Fabricated Parts Made with Nomex®
Nomex® products are commercially available in a broad range of coated, laminated, formed, creped, punched and prefabricated parts for use in the manufacture of specific applications.
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Nomex® in Other Forms
Nomex®can be obtained in a variety of additional forms including coated papers, spunlaced fabrics, needle-punch felts, woven fabrics, tie cords, sheeving of continuous filament yarns and others.
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DuPont™ ReliatraN™
DuPont™ ReliatraN™ SIDT transformers represent a major advancement in transformer safety, and reliability.
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