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Category: Rotary Indexing Tables
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With the largest direct drive motor range available on the market, ETEL provides solutions ranging from high-end motion systems with nanometer precision, to industrial applications requiring high torque/force. 

ETEL’s range of linear motorstorque motorsposition controllersmotion controllers, and motion systems products is substantial, providing a large selection to meet nearly all customers’ needs. Maintaining in-house development and manufacturing for each product, ETEL keeps its know-how and guarantees high quality standards, reliability, and technological leadership to its customers.

All our design and production is performed at our headquarters in Switzerland. It is essential to keep everything in-house to ensure the level of quality and consistency that our customers are familiar with. The “Swiss made” quality is based on the knowledge and technical expertise of a workforce that is highly-qualified; mandatory to the precision manufacturing of high quality products.

ETEL continually demonstrates its huge innovative force and leadership in components and systems based on direct drive technology. Our goal is to anticipate market needs and create successful new and innovative concepts, allowing us to maintain a competitive advantage. ETEL’s approach has been to focus on leading edge and breakthrough technologies; the success of which is only evident long-term.

What was considered as state-of-the-art a few years ago is now simply adequate and will soon become a barrier to the customer’s process, preventing it from reaching full potential. ETEL’s technology driven focus translates to industry leading products for the benefit of customers.


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Technical Articles

Advanced Motion Control for Wire Bonding (Motor Controls and Drives) This application note describes the LED/IC wire bonder ecosystem (market drivers, architectures, timings...) and focus specifically on the main technical challenges for the motion control part. The... (View Full Article)
Application Note "ETEL Fast Trigger Feature for External Events Management" (Machine and Motion Controllers) In different fields of manufacturing and process industries, the standard processes such as image acquisition for inspection, laser application, printing, glue dispensing or starting any other... (View Full Article)