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Category: Specialty Process Controllers
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It’s Fluidwells mission to be the premier supplier of process instrumentation products, we manufacture equipment to accurately measure, convert, process, display and monitor any process variable. Through developing, manufacturing and marketing reliable and safe signal processing equipment. We work in close cooperation with our clients to find the right application for their systems.
Our motto is: Your success counts!

Flow indicators, totalizers and computers are our core business. We have the profound knowledge and experience to develop products that perform, always. We develop beyond specs, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof... because we know what works best and what the requirements are to keep working over time.

For most customer requirements, Fluidwell already has a product available. If you have specific demands: we will be happy to develop a new solution with you. Products that meet your needs and requirements and always have an intuitive, user-friendly and familiar interface: Know one, know them all!

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Accurate Tank or Truck Filling (Process Controllers) A customer wanted a reliable, accurate and fully automated system to fill his trucks with a mix of Chlorine solution and water. Some challenges were, maintaining the desired ratio in each flow range,... (View Full Article)
Accurately Easing Fuel Consumption Measurement in Malaysia (Sensor Transmitters) The National Electricity Board of Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) wanted a reliable measurement of the actual diesel consumption of their mobile truck generators. In total 26 truck generators... (View Full Article)