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Category: Signal Conditioners
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Best Performance Under Real World Conditions

S. Himmelstein & Company has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best torque measurement transducers and instrumentation since 1960.  Our products offer significant advantages over competitive models, enhancing their overall performance under real world conditions, not just in the calibration stand.

Highest Available Mechanical Overloads

Select from 200%, 400%, 500% and 1,000% overload models.  The flexibility to select sensor mechanical overload allows optimal sizing of the sensor to suit the application, even in the presence of peak torques that exceed the average running torque.  This ensures the best measurement accuracy for the application.  For assistance is sizing/selecting the proper torque sensor, please refer to our “Choosing The Correct Torque Transducer”.

High Electrical Overrange

All Himmelstein Torque Transducers and Instruments with high level dc analog output voltages, have significant electrical overrange (130% to 150% in most cases.).  This means that the output signal does not clip at full scale.  All rotating mechanical systems have oscillatory signals.  When operating at or near full scale, insufficient overrange on the output signal will cause clipping of the peak values and result in incorrect display of the average torque.  By offering significant electrical overrange, the Himmelstein Transducers will provide accurate measurement, even beyond full scale.  Please refer to our Technical Memorandum 20805B, “Overrange, A Crucial Rotary Torquemeter Parameter” for a more detailed discussion.

World Class Temperature Performance

Superior temperature compensation results in sensor temperature performance that greatly reduces errors caused by drive heating and thermal gradients.  This level of temperature performance allows S. Himmelstein & Company to offer Dual Range Torque Transducers with high accuracy.  Please refer to our Technical Memorandum 20804 "Torquemeters with Extended Measurement Range" to learn the benefits of Himmelstein Dual Range Sensors.

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