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S. Himmelstein & Company - Reaction torque sensors with ultimate accuracy

When you choose a reaction torque transducer from S. Himmelstein and Company, you get ultimate real-world accuracy based on 50+ years of experience and innovation.

Hollow Flanged Transducers achieve faster response by employing a patented double-wall design that results in a compact package with high torsional stiffness. Maximum loads range from 60 to 2,400,000 lbf-in. Othe... (read more)


Two easily overlooked, yet extremely critical parameters when evaluating and specifying torque transducers are – Mechanical Overload Rating and Electrical Overrange. Each is important, but often confused and misunderstood. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Torque Talk 2021 - S. Himmelstein

Focused exclusively on torque sensors since 1960, Himmelstein designs and makes the world's best torque sensors, transfer standard, and instrumentation. Products include rotating and reaction sensors from 10 ozf-in to 22,000,000 lbf-in in virtually every mechanical configuration. All are calibrated CW and CCW to full capacity in our ISO/IEC17025:2017 accredited laboratory.

... (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Torque Application? Reasons to Choose Himmelstein!

When you need to measure torque, contact the experts. Himmelstein provides highly accurate torque sensors for any application with combined errors of 0.01% and ranges from 0.071 Nm to 2.5MNm. (read more)


MCRT®84000V Torque Transducers output shaft torque with 0.01% resolution. Digital, Analog and FM formats are simultaneously available. Torque range capacities are from 500 to 100,000 lbf-in (56.5 Nm to 11,300 Nm). Industries highest overload and overrange ratings assure safety and accuracy even when the driveline has high peak to average torque ratios. (read more)


The Himmelstein Series MCRT® 48800V and 49800V Series Digital Torque Transducers offer extreme measurement accuracy with fast installed response, and high mechanical overloads and electrical overrange. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - RTM 2000 Series Torquemeters

The RTM 2000 Series are hollow flanged style reaction torquemeters available in ranges from 60 lbf-in to 100,000 lbf-in.

Reaction torque measurements permit accurate determination of static and dynamic torque with a stationary or non-rotating transducer. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Model 700+ Signal Conditioners

Model 700+ Signal Conditioners, Improving the Data Display Experience (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Square Drive Reaction Torque Transducers

Square Drive Reaction Torque Transducers from Himmelstein.

These square drive reaction torque transducers are characterized by high torsional stiffness, very high overload and high extraneous load capacity. Their low weight and compact size simplify installation and handling. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Himmelstein Installs Coordinate Measuring Machine

S. Himmelstein and Company recently completed acquisition and installation of a Zeiss Accura Coordinate Measuring Machine. This is part of their ongoing commitment to developing and producing torque measurement products with the highest possible performance. An environmentally controlled room was constructed specifically for this equipment. This room provides precise temperature a... (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - High Capacity Bearingless Torque Sensors

Bearingless Digital Torque Sensors with Very High Capacities

S. Himmelstein and Company announces the MCRT® 86011V Series Bearingless Digital Torquemeter. These large capacity models are available with 500, 750, and 1,000 kNm torque ranges and offer best protection with significant mechanical overloads. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Ultra-Precise Spline Drive Torque Sensors

Non-Contact, Ultra Precise Digital Torque Sensors with with Spline Drive per AND 10262 & AND 20002

  • Capacities from 50 to 10,000 lbf-in (5.65 to 1,130 N-m)
  • 0.03% Combined Nonlinearity and Hysteresis
  • 300% Overload, 150% Overrange
  • 30,000 rpm Max Speed Permanently Lubricated
  • Torque, Speed & Power Outputs in Analog & Digital...
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  • Capacities from 10 to 200 ozf-in (0.07 to 1.4 Nm)
  • 200 to 1,000% Overload
  • 150% Overrange
  • 25,000 rpm Speed Rating
  • Engineering Unit Digital Outputs of Torque, Speed & Power
  • ±5.000/±10 Volt Analog Outputs of Torque, Speed & Power
  • Hardened to EMI from Adjustable Speed Drives
  • 1 kHz...
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S. Himmelstein & Company - DIGITAL ROTATING TORQUE TRANSDUCERS-48850V &48851V


  • 300% Overload, 150% Overrange
  • 30,000 rpm Max Speed Permanently Lubricated
  • Engineering Unit Digital Outputs of Torque, Speed & Power
  • ±5.000/±10 Volt Analog Outputs of Torque, Speed & Power
  • Hardened to EMI from Adjustable Speed Drives
  • 1 kHz Bandwidth
  • ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Calibratio...
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S. Himmelstein & Company - High Precision C-Face Reaction Torquemeters

Himmelstein's new C-Face Reaction Torquemeter offers the best performance of large bore reaction torquemeter, torque sensor or torque transducer. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - High Precision C-Face Torquemeter

Himmelstein's CF2800V High Precision, C-Face Reaction Torquemeters offer greater accuracy in the performance testing of pumps, motors, valve actuators, gearboxes, plus feedback control of mixers, clarifier drives, reactors, extruders, conveyors and more. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Dual Range Digital Torque Transducer

MCRT® 88700V Series Dual Range Bearingless Digital Torque Transducers (Torque Flanges) from S. Himmelstein and Company.

The MCRT® 88700V Series of Dual Range Digital Torque Transducers will accurately measure low running and high load torque without the cost and inconvenience of swapping two or more conventional torque sensors. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Compact Digital Torquemeter

Compact Digital Torquemeters from Himmelstein.

MCRT® 48200V Digital Torquemeters have high accuracy, low noise, high overload capacity, high overrange, inherent noise tolerance and a wide temperature range. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Solid Flanged Reaction Torquemeters

Solid Flanged Reaction Torquemeters from S. Himmelstein.

These stationary sensors accurately measure static and dynamic torque of rotating and non-rotating drivelines. They are expected to find wide use in industrial torque measurement and control applications. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Ultra-Precise Torque Transfer Standards

Series 2300DV Reaction Style Torque Transfer Standards by S. Himmelstein and Company have extreme accuracy and are ideally suited for non-rotating field calibration of production Torquemeters. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - ABS Certified Torque Transmitter for Oil Fields

The MCRT38569X Torque Transmitter has been certified by ABS to become a standard for oil field use. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - RTM 2280V An Economical Torquemeter Solution

The RTM 2280V is an economical solution for a variety of industrial torque measurement and control applications. Typically used in applications where rotation is limited to 360 degrees or less. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Ultra-Precise, Dual Range Shaft Torque Meters

MCRT®79800V Ultra Precise, Dual Range, torque sensors accurately measure low running and high load torques without the cost and inconvenience of swapping conventional sensors. Moreover, they will safely and accurately measure normal torques when large transients are present, avoiding the necessity of oversizing a conventional torquemeter at the cost of measurement accuracy. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - DC Operated Wheel Torque Transducers

DC Operated Wheel Torque Transducers (Torque Wheels) from S. Himmelstein.

Himmelstein MCRT® 27000V Series Torque Wheels accurately measure wheel torque and speed during driving, braking and coastdown. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Sign up for our newsletter

This newsletter contains information regarding our new very high capacity digital bearingless torque sensor, a video which provides specifications and information about our ultra-precise torque sensors, and an invitation to attend our upcoming webinars. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Pulley & Sprocket Torque Transducers

MCRT® 3120TA & 31200T pulley torque transducers are used to measure and control the torque, speed and power of belt and chain driven machinery. Applications include compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, gear boxes, etc. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - Torque Calibration Laboratory

Torque Calibration Laboratory - S. Himmelstein.

Accredited Measurement Uncertainty consistent with its product specifications. We provide noise hardened units, ferrite-free transformer couplings, corrosion resistant construction, dual range models and 2-wire torque transmitters. (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company - ISO 17025:2017 Calibration Lab Accreditation

(Hoffman Estates, IL, November 19, 2019) – S. Himmelstein and Company is pleased to announce it has been granted ISO 17025:2017 accreditation for their torque sensor calibration laboratory. This accreditation takes into account the latest changes in laboratory environment and work practices. ISO’s definition of this accreditation is that it specifies the general requirements... (read more)

S. Himmelstein & Company -  Laboratory Torque Calibration Services Demo Video

S. Himmelstein and Company offers the broadest available range of ISO 17025 accredited torque calibration services, from 10 ozf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in (0.07 Nm to 452,000 Nm). (read more)