OSv3 (Orientation Sensor Version 3)Inertial Labs Inc. is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of inertial sensor based position and orientation systems.  With much of their development focus geared toward weaponry and the needs of the dismounted soldier, Inertial Labs systems are always developed with an emphasis toward performance, size, cost, and power. As a result, Inertial Labs currently boasts two of the inertial sensor industry's smallest and lowest cost inertial sensor systems, OSv3 and WOM, for their respective performance ranges.

In addition to their individual sensor systems, Inertial Labs also specializes in the development of higher level integrated systems that involve the use of inertial sensors. Some of Inertial Labs completed developments include integration of inertial sensors with ultra-wideband (UWB) RF positioning to provide continuous positioning even in moments of poor UWB coverage and the development of a 3-antenna GPS interferometry system providing accurate orientation for devices that are not practical for magnetic sensor based systems.   

WOM (Weapon Orientation Module)Inertial Labs provides industry leading inertial orientation solutions with an uncompromising focus on products that represent the smallest size and lowest cost alternatives for their given class of performance.

Inertial Labs also provides professional services in the field of position and orientation tracking with specific focuses on the needs of military and law enforcement training and simulation. Their development projects in the past have included indoor/outdoor position and orientation tracking of personnel and weapons, high precision weapon orientation tracking for live force-on-force target engagement purposes, inertial sensor based pedestrian navigation, full body orientation tracking, and more. 

OptoWOM - Optically Stabilized Weapon Orientation ModuleIn existence now for over 6 years, Inertial Labs team of engineers includes some of the premier minds in the field of inertial navigation.  With experience ranging from high precision navigation systems for space and maritime applications to the development low cost tilt sensors for antenna stabilization, their engineers' cumulative experiences run the gambit in the field of inertial navigation and orientation.

Inertial Labs are currently operating under multiple open government SBIR Phase III contracts and are actively pursuing additional development items to be included within these open contracts.

Inertial Labs Inc is headquartered in Sterling, Virginia approximately 10 miles from the Dulles International Airport that serves Washington, DC.

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