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Serving customers worldwide for the past 30 years

"One Test is Worth 1,000 expert opinions." If it’s in motion we can measure it. Let us help you make that test. Over the past 30 years we have been involved in everything from Rocket Motors to Roller Coasters and lots in between.

We offer dynamic measurement systems for sale as well as short term rental. On-line or telephone tech support is standard with any purchase or rental. We have engineers with over 90 years of combined applications experience. Let us help you get the data you need, to qualify that design; package for the shipping environment; design for a new environment; confirm existing environmental specifications, and more.

We invented the environmental recorders in 1987 and have been leading the pack ever since. Whether its packaging, cargo shipment, sea containers, drop test/crash test, in-use environment characterization, ride quality measurement and more we can help. We specialize in quick turnaround to get you the instrument you need. Often overnight.

Our products range from $50 simple shock detectors to $20,000+ high speed large memory multi-channel acceleration time history recorders for extended deployments.