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Category: CMOS Cameras
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KEYENCE is dedicated to providing ADDED VALUE solutions for engineers in nearly all industries. We provide the tools that let manufacturers and researchers stay competitive in the global marketplace.

KEYENCE offers a wide range of factory automation products:

  • Sensors & Safety Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Laser Markers
  • Vision Systems
  • Barcode Readers
  • Digital Microscopes
  • Static Eliminators

Direct Sales Network

KEYENCE employs a large number of sales engineers throughout the world enabling invaluable direct on-site support. This direct approach allows us to meet customers’ needs at every stage of their businesses, from design and research through production and beyond. Today, KEYENCE serves over 200,000 customers in some 70 countries around the world.

Supplier Directory Categories

Pressure Sensors
(19 Products)
Pressure Gauges
(19 Products)
Color Sensors
(8 Products)
Vacuum Sensors
(7 Products)
CCD Cameras
(44 Products)
CMOS Cameras
(8 Products)
Digital Cameras
(28 Products)
Flow Meters
(16 Products)
Height Gages
(19 Products)
(80 Products)
Light Curtains
(66 Products)
(32 Products)
(4 Products)
Proximity Sensors
(200 Products)
Smart Cameras
(16 Products)
Thickness Gages
(51 Products)
Video Cameras
(21 Products)
KEYENCE is also listed in these categories:

Technical Articles

Advanced Digital Technology Breaking Ground in Light Microscopy (.pdf) (Microscopy) With relatively few progressions in conventional optical microscopy during the past decade, pushing through the physical limitations of these systems has proven to be challenging. Engineers have... (View Full Article)
High Precision Image Based Inspection (.pdf) (Inspection Tools and Instruments) In the past few years, high precision inspection and measurement has undergone a revolution in quality and scale. Not only are tolerances far more precise than at any other time in industry history,... (View Full Article)