Kontek Ecology specializes in providing technologically superior wastewater recovery and treatment systems - tailored to your facility's unique requirements.

For Peace-of-Mind, count on Kontek Ecology for:

  • Superior Technology

  • Friendly, Professional, Dependable, Expert Service

  • Customized Engineering and Equipment Solutions

  • The Perfect Solution to your wastewater recovery and treatment requirements
Kontek Ecology Systems Inc.

Since 1980, Kontek Ecology Systems Inc. has been providing economical solutions for our customers' environmental objectives.

Kontek's continual growth and expansion allow us to furnish state-of-the-art design and in-house fabrication of industrial wastewater management systems which provide effluent compliance, metals recovery, waste minimization and closed loop water recycling.

Our objective is to help our clients for the long term. We will continue to structure our organization to allow quick response to client inquiries and provide the best in personal service. We will continue to focus our efforts in the area of wastewater recovery and treatment technologies, to further develop our knowledge and solidify our position as the Experts in the industry.

Kontek Ecology Systems Inc.

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