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Category: Modeling and Simulation Software
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Founded in 1982, MAYA HTT Ltd (MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd) is a leading supplier of advanced thermal and fluid flow analysis software, structural analysis software, mechanical vibration test data acquisition software and related training and consulting services in mechanical engineering.

MAYA HTT's software and services help thousands of engineers and scientists worldwide to optimize product design early in the product development process, enabling them to significantly improve product quality while reducing product development time and cost.

MAYA HTT is dedicated to developing mechanical engineering simulation software solutions that are both powerful and work well with the major CAD/CAE tools on the market. MAYA HTT is a strategic development partner and reseller for Siemens PLM Software, the world leader in CAD/CAM/CAE and overall engineering product lifecycle management.

MAYA HTT has consistently delivered robust, easy-to-use thermal, fluid flow and structural modeling technology for over 26 years.

We lead the market in innovation and annual product enhancements. We were the first to:

  • Deliver an element based, design integrated finite-difference thermal solver technology (TMG-Thermal) in 1983.
  • Deliver an integrated approach to conduction, convection, duct flow and advanced radiation modeling for the aerospace industry. 
  • Deliver an advanced thermal and fluid flow simulation tool integrated with CAD design tools.
  • Be a leader in electronics cooling simulation using 1D duct flow since 1986 and 3D thermo-fluid electronics cooling application since 1995.
  • Introduce a design integrated parametric-based electronics cooling simulation package using thermal and CFD technology (NX I-deas ESC). 
  • Couple finite difference or network based thermal simulation with CFD simulation.  
  • Introduce unstructured CFD code for electronics cooling supporting a wide range of element types including tetrahedral elements.
  • Introduce domain assembly meshing (DxMesh) for thermal and fluid flow simulation.
  • Introduce fast and reliable fluid meshing using a project-extrude meshing method (PexMesher).
  • Introduce advanced spacecraft orbital thermal simulation integrated with a comprehensive thermal simulation package.
  • Introduce advanced CFD, advanced thermal, electronic systems cooling, and advanced spacecraft orbital thermal simulation within the NX Advanced Simulation environment.

MAYA HTT dedicates resources to supporting and assisting its users in implementing its overall CAE software tools.

Our customer support and consulting engineers are experts at helping you get your job done and get there faster!


MAYA's software and services are used by hundreds of leading electronics, aerospace and automotive companies worldwide.

For more than 20 years, MAYA has been dedicated to providing CAE tools and services to its customers.

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