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Category: Pneumatic Clutches
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Mach III designs and manufactures quality industrial air and spring set friction clutches and brakes, combination clutch-brakes and mechanical torque limiters in a wide array of sizes, torque capacities and mounting configurations. Their products are used to connect and disconnect, stop, hold, tension and protect machine components from overload. Mach III components are found in label printing presses, packaging machines, medical device and food processing equipment, accumulating conveyors, laminators, glass tempering furnaces, thermoforming equipment and hundreds of other types of machinery operating around the globe.

Mach III regularly modifies existing models and creates entirely unique products to suit unique application needs while maintaining reasonable prices and lead times and with no minimum quantity requirement. Both catalog and custom models are bored and keyed to customer specs eliminating the need for bushings or shaft modification. Required sprockets, pulleys and sheaves are pilot mounted at the factory for true out-of-the-box installation readiness.

Mach III provides factory direct engineering support to assist you in selecting a product that will meet the demands of your application.

Mach III Clutch, Inc. - Brakes

Friction Brakes:  Air Set/Spring Released and Spring Set/Air Released

Mach III air and spring set friction brakes provide simple solutions for stopping or holding applications.

Mach III Clutch, Inc. - Clutches

Friction Clutches:  Air Set/Spring Released and Spring Set/Air Released

Mach III air and spring actuated friction clutches feature high torque in a compact package. With five mounting options to choose from, these products are suitable for a variety of drive applications.

Mach III Clutch, Inc. - Clutch/Brake Combos

Friction Clutch-Brake Combinations:  Air Set Clutch/Spring Engaged Brake

Mach III clutch-brakes provide both clutch and braking action in one compact, easy to install unit. The clutch portion of the unit engages with the application of air pressure. Engagement of the brake occurs in the absence of air pressure. Separate models are available to stop and start either the pilot (sprocket) or the shaft.

Mach III Clutch, Inc. - Torque Limiters

Mechanical Friction Torque Limiters

Mach III  friction torque limiters can be factory or field set to slip at specified torque levels for overload protection of motors, gearboxes and other costly components.

Mach III Clutch, Inc. - Tension Control Clutches & Brakes Tension Control Clutches & Brakes

Mach III SENSIFLEX® clutches and brakes offer smooth operation in converting applications without sticking, pulsing or cogging. 

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