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Category: Contract Manufacturing Services
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TAK Enterprises, Inc.

TAK Enterprises, Inc.TAK Enterprises, Inc. has provided quality products and services to just about every industry that utilizes wire, narrow strip, and other such linear materials in the fabrication, process, and assembly of their products since 1981. Located in Bristol, Connecticut, the heart of the U.S. spring & wire forming industry, TAK offers simple solutions to common industry problems.

TAK Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-platform structured company that embraces advanced technology and methods and combines them with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Established as an ISO certified company almost from the onset, TAK Enterprises has maintained a very high level of quality which is reflected in everything they do. Their specially certified two group organization allows them to offer a unique combination of services, built upon a strong technical footing, not normally offer by US companies.

One side of the company manufactures Linear Material Management Products as well as Assembly, Fabrication, and Process Systems. The company started off by designing specialized turnkey systems to resolve special part fabrication applications that required the holding of precise dimensions yet providing for high speed operation and quick tool changes. TAK had to improve on the design of several existing products in order to get the performance the application required. Many of these (wire straighteners, decoilers, feed drives, cutting heads, etc.) became a product on their own. Although available separately and performing separate wire and strip handling tasks, they all share a complete understanding of raw material and how best to control it, without affecting their natural physical, or chemical properties. You, the customer, receive the integrity and quality for incomparable tolerances, accuracy, repeatability, and performance as a benefit of this no nonsense approach.

TAK Enterprises, Inc.The other side of the company draws more from its' production roots, providing contract manufacturing services by producing miniature and sub-miniature wire and narrow strip fabrications, welded contacts, and intricate assemblies. TAK specializes in complex, close tolerance and high volume production. Through decades of experiences in tool design and precise high speed production methods led by Thomas Anthony Kunkler, founder of TAK Enterprises, Inc. the company has retained many customers as a result of the quality of the products produced and the integrity of their service and support. Quality & Integrity, that’s TAK.

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