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Category: Motor Speed Controllers
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Motion Control At Its Core

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. delivers high-performance, advanced motion control solutions for lab automation and robotics design projects. Our clients design fast, innovative products using our intuitive motion control software, developer kits and hardware - including motion control ICs, digital amplifiers, motion control boards, and digital drives.

Cutting-edge Motion Control Solutions

Performance Motion Devices provides reliable multi-axis motion solutions including; intelligent, pre-programmed, integrated circuits (ICs), digital drives and amplifiers, and boards, with easy-to-use development software and command library. PMD Corp allows you to:

  • Design and Go-to-market Faster

    No more building firmware from scratch or trying to memorize cryptic commands. Performance Motion Devices C-Motion® library uses easy-to-grasp C-based commands, like SetVelocity. And, our intuitive Pro-Motion® motion control software reduces setup time from days to hours.

    The design is fast—2Xs faster—with sample schematics and Developer Kits that let you develop system software and hardware in parallel. Plus, our unmatched technical support will keep you moving at full speed.

  • Improve Efficiency and Speed

    With PMD Corp's common motion architecture, you use one motion language and compatible hardware for all your development work – across multiple machine designs. 

    Whether you are looking for a multi-axis motion controller or are building precision motion control systems, PMD Corp has what you need to develop faster, reduce cost and risk, and get to market faster. From design to prototyping and development to deployment, our dedicated support team is always available to help.

  • Proven Performance and Long-term Availability

    Our pre-programmed ICs are core components in FDA-, 510K-, and CE-approved products. So, you can count on our quality, reliability and performance. And we’ll keep you in production over the long term.  Today, we still stock ICs for 20-year-old designs. 

A Trusted Choice for Healthcare and Life Sciences Robotics

Today, Performance Motion Devices technology controls more than five million robotic motors worldwide, including in some of the world's largest manufacturers of medical systems and lab automation robotics.

To stay on the leading edge of our industry, we invest liberally in our technology and people. We continue to produce new ICs and modules that deliver increasingly extensive instruction sets, faster communication speeds, and greater functionality, in ever smaller packages.

High Performance Motion Control On An IC

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