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Category: Safety Sensor Switches
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Superior Engineering for Worldwide Explosion Proof and Explosion Protection Products

For more than 80 years, R. STAHL has fulfilled a unique role in protecting lives and property in harsh and hazardous (classified) locations.

R. STAHL is acknowledged as the world’s foremost innovator in explosion proof and explosion-protected components and systems. These systems include —

  • Intrinsically safe products and solutions
  • Remote I/O instrumentation interface products
  • Control and distribution panels and stations for hazardous locations
  • Terminal boxes
  • Lighting
  • Plugs and receptacles.

Around the world, thousands of businesses and millions of men and women place confidence in the R.STAHL brand of explosion proof and explosion protected equipment every hour of the day. R.STAHL never forgets this.

World-Class Products, Sophisticated Worldwide Support

For the global energy industry, OEMs and EPC firms located in the United States and Canada and building explosion proof and explosion-protected systems in hazardous (classified) locations for the process industry worldwide, R. STAHL means more than protection.

R. STAHL offers you a business partnership like no other: technical knowledge of global codes and standards. Whether your product is in Houston, Africa, Europe or South America; whether you require explosion proof equipment to NEC standards or ATEX certified solutions; whether your requirement is for intrinsically safe products, panel boards, control or terminal boxes- let R. STAHL work with you to provide a true global solution- one product with all the certifications you need.

R.STAHL looks forward to serving your global market requirements for automation interface and electrical system solutions, for hazardous (classified) and harsh locations. "Your protection is our profession."

The Leader in Harmonizing NEC and IEC Standards

R. STAHL's commitment to the Americas commenced in 1979 when R. STAHL introduced intrinsic safety technology to the North American market. It rose to greater prominence in the mid-1990s, when R. STAHL played a leading advocacy role in the harmonization of the U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) and the International Electrical Code (IEC). Changes made at that time yielded increased global standardization, and produced heightened efficiencies and maintenance benefits for international markets.

R. STAHL, Inc.
R. STAHL, Inc.
R. STAHL, Inc.

North American Headquarters in Houston and Edmonton

In 2004, R. STAHL made another commitment to North American customers by moving its regional headquarters, sales, service and assembly groups from New England to Houston, Texas, an international commercial center and hub of activity for energy, industrial design, engineering and construction.

Yet another investment was being made in 2007, when R. STAHL commenced its business operations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

At R. STAHL, they are now positioned and equipped in North America to provide not only products and solutions of unsurpassed quality, but also technical sales and support unique in the arena of industrial explosion protection for the 21st century.

R. STAHL North American operations have adopted a distinctive Mission as well as Customer Pledges they take pride in sharing with you.


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