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Category: Electrical Connectors
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Connectors, switches and contactors for railway and industrial applications

The Schaltbau GmbH Group stands for connectors, snap-action switches, contactors, railway components and complete cab equipment that meet the highest safety standards. Our products are used worldwide in all industries that require reliable connection, switching and control under harsh conditions. We protect systems in industrial applications for renewable energy, e-mobility and automation, and we ensure the safe operation of rail services.
Our headquarters have been located in Munich, Germany, ever since the firm was established in 1929. We manufacture at two sites in Germany (Velden and Aldersbach) and in the world’s major economic centres, including France, the UK, the United States and China.
The Schaltbau GmbH Group has a global presence with 12 foreign subsidiaries / representative offices and more than 60 sales partners.

Schaltbau GmbH

Products for industrial and railway applications

Schaltbau's products for industrial and railway applications are characterized by a rugged design that ensures reliable connecting and switching in harsh environments. They are especially suitable for use in systems that are dependent on high availability.

? Connectors
? Snap-action switches
? Contactors

Schaltbau GmbH

Products for railway applications

Modern equipment and components from Schaltbau for use in traffic engineering can be found in many rail and special-purpose vehicles where they contribute to safe and comfortable operation.

? Electrics for rolling stock


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