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Category: Cellular Modems
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Wlink Technology Co., Limited has been a leading telecommunication provider, specializing in the design and manufacture of Industrial cellular and wireless connectivity device for Internet of thing and M2M,. Thanks to the strong R&D team who have more than 10 years of experience in wireless M2M field, enable Wlink provide a range of innovative industrial connectivity equipment, OEM Service, packaged products for wireless data, military and government M2M project.

In the past years, adhere to the principle of high quality product with competitive price, high rate investment on R&D, and reliable after-sales, Wlink has built up mutual trust between the company and its clients from 120 countries, as well as communication channel with the telecom industrial. We have the aspiration to become the most competitive provider in the cellular and wireless terminal equipment industry and better serve to help our most valued customers get to market fast with wireless device and application.


Professional, Efficiency, Innovation, Quality, Win-Win


Focus on M2M, create a splendid and easier life to our Customermost valued

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