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Category: RF Power Meters
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TEGAM designs, manufactures and calibrates instrumentation that impacts your daily life in surprising ways. Our goal is to make your measurement task easier, faster and more accurate. We continuously invest in R&D of products and calibration techniques that allow you to make your critical measurements with the highest confidence. Our electrical measuring capabilities include temperature, RF power, and micro-Ohms.

Food safety is a concern to everyone and TEGAM's advanced line of industrial thermometers enable accurate and repeatable temperature measurements in challenging food processing environments. The biggest names in the food industry rely on our thermometers to ensure that safe temperatures are maintained and quality isn't compromised. Our innovative features, accuracy and durability are unequaled in a hand-held thermometer.

Planes fly, mobile phones connect and first responders can communicate because of RF power sensors that are calibrated and verified on TEGAM's PMX system. We have spent decades building our expertise and calibration capability, which now extends from DC to 75 GHz, and from microwatts to kilowatts. Over most of the spectrum, and at nearly any power level, TEGAM can equip your lab to make measurements competitive with a national primary lab. TEGAM RF calibration standards are used around the world in commercial calibration labs, by every branch of the US military, by NATO allies, and by several National Metrology Institutes as their primary standards.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of nothing. Critical aircraft and defense systems rely on measuring almost zero resistance in electrical grounds. These electrical grounds protect: people from electrical shock, aircraft electronics from lightning strikes and limit radio interference. TEGAM is the leading supplier of ground bond test equipment to the US government. In addition, we make the most accurate high-speed low resistance measurement instruments available in the world. We are the standard for manufacturing test of components and wiring devices that have sub-milliohm specifications.

The TEGAM team conceives, designs, builds and supports all our products in Geneva, Ohio. Our sales office in Beijing, China also provides regional support to our customers in Asia. A cohesive network of strong technical distributors extends our representation to over 40 other countries throughout the world.

At TEGAM, your measurement matters. We invite you to experience what our team of dedicated professionals can do for you.

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