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VAT - The worldwide leader of Vacuum Valves

VAT manufactures a wide range of vacuum valves utilizing the highest quality standards, ongoing innovation and provides long-term service guarantee. VAT has a proven history of continuous improvement and dedicates its resources to vacuum sealing technology and have patented innovations such as MONOVAT®, VATRING® and VATLOT®. VAT has become the worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum valves and vacuum valve technology. VAT has delivered many innovations making VAT the #1 choice in vacuum valves worldwide.

VAT offers 1000+ standard valve products including: gate, pendulum, transfer, roll-to-roll pinch, control, isolation, special/custom, multi-valve modules and angles.

Applications for VAT vacuum valves include: semiconductor, photovoltaics [PV], high energy physics, lasers/optics, space simulation, FPD, synchrotrons/accelerators, metallurgy, surface analysis, nuclear processes and many more ranging from rough vacuum to extreme UHV.

VAT vacuum valves are manufactured at its Swiss headquarters where quality, engineering and R&D is dedicated to vacuum valve technology. VAT Sales and Service organizations are located in the USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, France, Korea, and England. In addition to these locations, VAT provides its customers with a dense network of sales representatives to ensure professional customer care all over the world. Service and repairs can be carried out at VAT service centers or on customer site.

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