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Category: Temperature Indicators
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West Control Solutions is a global specialist in process and temperature control. The West Control Solutions’ product portfolio consists of four leading brands, CALPartlowPMA and West.

The product offering includes a comprehensive range of temperature instrumentation including:

West Control Solutions can also work closely with customers to develop a customized solution where necessary. This ensures a customer’s exact requirements can be met and in turn helps customers to gain their own competitive advantage.

For more than 90 years’ these benefit rich brands have been providing performance and quality to markets including Plastics and Extrusion, Ovens and Furnaces, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Laboratory and Testing Equipment.

West Control Solutions is proud of its accurate, reliable and easy-to-use products. They are complemented by a dedicated team of support staff including field sales, inside sales, technical support and the customer service team who provide unrivalled service. Products are sold directly from West Control Solutions and via a global network of distribution partners. This successful combination has earned West Control Solutions loyalty from its global customer base.

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