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At Zeus, We Are Innovators – Like You

We were among the first polymer extrusion companies to work in the arena of minimally invasive techniques for revolutionary procedures involving catheterization. From our earliest PTFE heat shrink extrusions to our latest LCP monofilament for MRI-compatible catheters, Zeus has sought to maintain our reputation for innovation, collaboration, quality, and a "can do" attitude that has made us and our partners successful.

Today, we have expanded our tradition of innovation to arenas beyond medical markets to include automotive, aerospace, energy – oil, gas, wind, and others – fibers optics, and fluid management. From our Dual-Shrink® heat shrink for precision automotive sensors and connectors to our Thermally Stable PEEK coating for fiber optics, Zeus continues to look ahead and anticipate the next generation of innovations in multiple, Zeus guarantees a stable source of supply and technical support to customers worldwide.

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