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Category: Signal Amplifiers
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Interface Inc. offers a full line of load cells, torque transducers, instrumentation, and accessories to suit all your force and torque sensor measurement needs. When you need the most accurate and reliable sensor for force or torque measurement, consider the benefits of choosing Interface products:

  • Interface manufactures their own strain gages from a unique proprietary alloy. The Interface load cell design means better temperature tolerance, longer fatigue life, higher output voltages (up to 4 mV/V), and overall exceptional performance.
  • Interface tests and calibrates every cell they make in both tension and compression – they don't just sample a batch. You can be sure the load cell you purchase will work as designed and expected.
  • Interface performs moment and temperature compensation on all their load cells. Sensitivity to eccentric loads and hot and cold is minimized.
  • Interface also creep-tests every load cell and force sensor to the tightest specification in the industry. Quality is their obsession!

 Interface has been the trusted world leader in force measurement for half a century. We lead by designing, manufacturing, and guaranteeing the highest performance and most accurate products available. Our engineers help provide force measurement solutions to our customers in all industries — from grams to millions of pounds – and hundreds of configurations.

We are the preeminent supplier to many Fortune 100 companies such as Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, NIST and thousands of measurement labs throughout the world. Our load cells are complimented by torque transducers, machine calibration systems, digital indicators, software, and force measurement system components - which we manufacture and sell throughout the world. Our AZLA approved in-house calibration labs support a variety test standards: ASTM, E74, E4, ISO-376, MIL-STD, EN10002-3, and others conforming to ISO 17025.

Interface produces the equipment used by top calibration labs (and some of their competitors) for load cell calibration: the Gold Standard® Calibration System. If your load cells are properly calibrated, chances are an Interface Gold Standard system was used.

Five more reasons Interface is your best choice:

  • Interface machines their product components in-house – no out-sourcing. Their manufacturing processes are vertically integrated, which means shorter lead times, better quality control, and lower costs than their competitors.
  • Interface uses a minimum of eight gages in their Low Profile™ load cells to ensure the highest accuracy. You can rely on the data coming from an Interface load cell.
  • Interface produces more load cells (by quantity) than anybody in the world. And most of the cells found in their catalog are stocked for immediate shipment.
  • Interface is a custom design expert. If you can't find the product you need for your force measurement application, call them for quick, cost-effective custom solutions.
  • Interface produces torque transducers for rotary, axial, and reaction applications in a wide variety of options: shaft and flange styles, mV/V and high-level output, angle and speed measurement, and high-RPM capacities are all available.

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