600 Single Phase Surge Suppressors Datasheets

Equpment Level AC Surge Protector -- DS70US

The DS70US is a universal SPD for the most demanding AC Power applications. The DS70US Series protects any single or three phase voltage up to 690Vac from the effects of lightning and switching transients. These SPD are approved to the new UL1449 4th Edition (effective March. 2016) and have... [See More]

  • Voltage: 120; 240; 480; 600; 120/240; 120/208; 277/480; 347/600; 240-415 V, 400-690 V
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 185
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Standards: IEC; UL
Superior Electric STABILINE® Surge Protective Devices -- PT1 Pigtail Series
from Danaher Sensors & Controls - Specialty Products

PT1 (Pig-Tail) Series SPDs deliver worry-free performance with an innovative and proven technology design. Sand-packed MOV arrays equally share current to suppress transients before they reach sensitive loads while capacitors filter out high-frequency noise and low-level transients. Suppression... [See More]

  • Voltage: 240 (optional feature); 380 (optional feature); 480 (optional feature); 600 (optional feature); 120/240 (optional feature); 120/208 (optional feature); 220/380 (optional feature); 277/480 (optional feature); 347/600 (optional feature)
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Surge Current: 25000 to 200000
SPDee Series -- S50A600V1P2
from Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.

The SPDee Series utilizes large Block 50kA Thermal Protected MOV ’s with surge current levels of 50kA per mode. The unit is a perfect replacement to the obsolete surge arrestors. With a small, compact design and line or load side installation flexibility, this unit can be installed anywhere in... [See More]

  • Voltage: 600
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel (optional feature); DIN Rail (optional feature); Pipe Nipple
  • Surge Current: 50000
500 Series Surge Protective Device -- Model 510
from ASCO Power Technologies

The 500 Series is a premium family of surge protection devices offering individually fused MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) arrays. This "True Surge" tested design provides redundancy and high survivability to repetitive impulses. The 510 line of products may be modular or non-modular and is available at... [See More]

  • Voltage: 120 (optional feature); 208 (optional feature); 240 (optional feature); 277 (optional feature); 346 (optional feature); 480 (optional feature); 600 (optional feature); 230 V
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Surge Current: 130000 to 160000
Surge Protective Devices -- 120LS-120S

Features: 120LS: I peak=120,000A/Phase (8 x 20 μs waveform). UL1449 3rd Edition. NEMA LS1-1992. Three times redundant protection paths per phase. Employs new 40kA varistors with built in high-speed thermal disconnect. Solid copper bus bar construction. Field-replaceable modules. EMI/RFI noise... [See More]

  • Voltage: 120; 208; 220; 240; 277; 346; 380; 480; 600; 120/240
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel; Device Mount
  • Surge Current: 120000
HPS Home Protection Series -- HPS240S
from Transtector Systems, Inc.

Industrial grade, 1 Amber power/1 green suppressor status light indicator [See More]

  • Voltage: 240; 600
  • Technology: Silicon Avalanche Diode
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Surge Current: 3000