Serial Interface Annunciators Datasheets

Alarm Monitor -- M1000.0040
from Littelfuse, Inc.

The SELCO M1000 is an Alarm Monitor capable of surveying the state of up to 10 potential free contacts. The inputs of the M1000 can be used to monitor both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts. Each contact can be sourced to a positive or negative reference. The M1000 includes a... [See More]

  • Control Output: Switches; Serial
  • Visual Indicators: Lamp or Bulb Panel Display
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring
  • Agency Approvals: CE
Ametek AN-3100D Annunciator
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

AMETEK ’s new AN-3100D brings alarm monitoring to new levels. Time stamped alarms and more communication options are now available. Installation and setup have been simplifi ed making this an ideal fi t for new projects or system replacements. The unique software confi guration provides more... [See More]

  • Control Output: Serial
  • Visual Indicators: Digital
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring
  • Supply Voltage: DC or Battery
NVIS Compatible Data Entry Display
from Interface Displays & Controls

The Data Entry Display unit includes 5 rows. of alphanumeric characters with 24 characters. in each row for a total of 120 characters. It is. compatible for use in Night Vision Imaging. Systems (NVIS) and accepts Manchester II. encoded data. The unit is used in the F-16 aircraft. as a message center... [See More]

  • Control Output: Serial
  • Visual Indicators: Lamp or Bulb Panel Display
  • Specialty Applications: Avionic / Military Applications; MachineFailure; MIL-SPEC / Military; Vehicle
  • Color: Green
Intrinsically Safe Annunciator -- NEX7250
from MTL Instruments Group

Choice of window sizes, programmable from the front [See More]

  • Control Output: Serial (optional feature)
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring; Hazardous Industrial
  • Zones / Alarm Points: 1 to 16
  • Visual Indicators: Lamp or Bulb Panel Display
AFM Series -- AFM-16A

For use with System 5000, System 500, AFP-400, AFP-300, AFP-100, SFP-1024 [See More]

  • Control Output: Serial
  • Specialty Applications: Fire; Smoke
  • Zones / Alarm Points: 16
  • Visual Indicators: Lamp or Bulb Panel Display
Remote Annunciator -- PT750-FG
from Pem-Tech, Inc.

Model PT750 Annunciator collects sensor data from the main Control Monitor. Communication is RS485 half duplex between the annunciator and the control panel using a single pair twisted data cable. Maximum length of the cable is 4000 feet. For noisy environment an optional Fiber Optics data converted... [See More]

  • Control Output: Switches; Serial
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring; Power Distribution; Safety; Gas Monitoring
  • Zones / Alarm Points: 3
  • Visual Indicators: Digital

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