Magnetic Proximity Zero Speed Switches Datasheets

Non-Contact Speed Switch Series NSS -- Series NSS
from Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

The Series NSS are self-contained rotation monitoring systems that are ideal for detecting the unwanted slowdown of process equipment. These systems bring efficiency and safety to your operations by preventing machine damage, product waste and costly downtime. The non-contact speed switch is... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • Trip Point: 0.0 to 5000
  • Operating Range: 0.0 to 5000
  • Number of Relays: 1
Digital Speed Switch -- DR1000
from Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Digital Speed Switch. Features. • Works with remote / external pulse frequency. output sensor (NPN, PNP, or Mag Pick-up). • DPDT relay output. • Under-speed setpoint adjustment from. 0.5-5,000 rpm (at 8 PPR). • Terminal blocks for easy wiring. • 115, 230 VAC (50-60 Hz) and... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • Contacts: DPDT
  • Number of Relays: 1
  • AC Voltage Rating: 115
Inductive Rotation Control -- S3431 CRT30 – R10L
from Fargo Controls, Inc.

The CRT30 is a combination of a 30mm diameter inductive sensor and rotation control device. The operating distance of the sensor is between 4 and 6 mm on metallic material. The wide power supply range (18-50 DC and 18-240 AC), various programmable functions, and output relay make this device... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • AC Voltage Rating: 18 to 240
  • Number of Relays: 1
  • DC Voltage Rating: 18 to 50
Din-rail Speed Switch -- IFMR
from Red Lion Controls, Inc.

The Model IFMR accepts a frequency input, and controls a single relay (SPDT) based on the value of the input frequency. The Trip frequency can be set to any value from 0.1 Hz to 25 KHz. The IFMR can be set to trip on overspeed, or underspeed (including zero speed). Offset and hysteresis values can... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • Power Supply: AC (optional feature); DC (optional feature)
  • Contacts: SPDT
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
Heavy Duty Zero-Speed Alarm Switch -- SITRANS WM100
from Siemens Process Instrumentation

verview. SITRANS WM100 is a heavy-duty zero-speed alarm switch. This non-contacting unit provides cost-effective equipment protection even in the harshest conditions. Benefits. Up to 100 mm (4 inch) gap between SITRANS WM100 and targets. Rugged, low maintenance suitable for tough environments. 1... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • Contacts: SPDT
  • Number of Relays: 1
  • AC Voltage Rating: 115 to 230
PRX 120 Proximity Speed Switch -- PRX120
from Control Concepts, Inc.

The Control Concepts Prox Switch is a micro-controlled, field adjustable, multi-setpoint speed / rate monitor that provides 4 character alpha numeric visual indication and relay output. The unit offers many versatile features that provide flexibility in application and confidence in sensing. Full... [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • Number of Relays: 1
  • Operating Range: 1 to 60000
  • Contacts: SPDT
Intrinsically Safe Zero Speed Switch -- H Type

Magnet actuated, frequency range from zero speed to 25 kHz [See More]

  • Technology: Magnetic Proximity
  • DC Voltage Rating: 30
  • Contacts: Solid State
  • Power Supply: DC