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    Gyroscopes - (59 companies) balance when moving and gyroscopes are used to staiblize ships. Gyroscope Technology. There are two basic types of gyroscopes: rate and rate-integrating. Rate gyros are single degree-of-freedom (SDOF) devices with a primarily elastic restraint... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Inertial Navigation Systems - (78 companies)
    Inertial navigation systems use a combination of accelerometers and angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) to detect altitude, location, and motion. They may also be capable of detecting attitude, position, velocity, temperature, or magnetic field... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    MEMS Devices - (40 companies)
    MEMS production equipment is used to manufacture MEMS devices such as accelerometers and gyroscopes for inertial sensing applications, and geophones for both seismic sensing and vibration sensing. There are many different types of MEMS devices... Learn More
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    Fiber Optic Cables - (935 companies)
    Fiber optic cables are composed of one or more transparent optical fibers enclosed in protective coverings and strength members. Fiber optic cables are used to transmit "light " data. How to Select Fiber Optic Cables. Fiber optic cables. Image... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fiber Optic Connectors - (531 companies)
    Fiber optic connectors are used to align and join two or more fibers together to provide a means for attaching to, or decoupling from, a transmitter, receiver, or other fiber optic device. How to Select Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters. Ceramic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Test Equipment - (310 companies)
    This is done by the use of a fiber optic transmitter which produces light for encoding and transmission. The optical fibers then carry the light signal to a fiber optic receiver for decoding. Throughout this process, fiber optic test equipment is used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Fault Locators - (68 companies)
    Fiber optic fault locators shine red laser light through jacketed fibers to identify breaks, bends, faulty connectors, splices and other causes of signal loss. Fiber optic fault locators function by shinning a red laser through jacketed fibers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Test Sources - (121 companies)
    Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers. A fiber optic test source is laser diode or LED used to inject an optical signal into fiber to test the performance of a fiber optic system. Laser... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Power Meters - (131 companies)
    ...fibers. Because of dispersion, however, multi-mode cable provides reduced transmission distances and transmission bandwidths. Many types of connectors are used with fiber optic power meters. Biconic connectors have precision-tapered ends for low insertion... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fiber Optic Splicers - (10 companies)
    Fiber optic splicers are tools used to create a permanent fuse between the ends of two fibers optic cables. Fiber optic splicers are tools to produce butt-ended joints between two pieces of fiber optic cable. The connection is spliced to minimize... Learn More
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Fiber-Optic Switches. "Fiber-optic MEMS switches will be the first billion-dollar MEMS telecom application," says David Bishop, head of micromechanics research at Lucent's Bell Labs. According to Bishop, these switches, perhaps just a few years away, will uncork the Internet's bandwidth bottleneck...

F-5Es commenced. LN-260 uses an advanced fiber optic. wings and automatic flaps, giving them. in 2003 at the rate of about one per. gyroscope-based inertial sensor assembly. better performance than the U.S. Navy's. month. The aircraft were disassembled at. Its open-system architecture is designed. F-5Es...

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  • KVH Logs Slow Quarter
    Fiber optic gyroscope manufacturer KVH Industries Inc. reported revenues of $5.3 million for the third quarter of fiscal year 1998 (ended September 30), down 24% from the $7.0 million reported for the same period in 1997.
  • KVH Logs Disappointing Year
    Fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) manufacturer KVH Industries Inc. reported revenues of $4.7 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 1998 (ended December 31), down 31% from the $6.9 million reported for the same period in the previous year.
  • Northrop Grumman buys Fibersense for $44 million
    Northrop Grumman announced today that it has acquired Fibersense Technology Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of fibre optic gyroscope -based navigation systems from Audax for $44 million.
  • Fibercore succeeds where rivals fail
    Fibercore Limited, Europe's largest speciality optical fibre manufacturer , has been making and developing specialist optical fibres for the fibre amplifier, fibre optic gyroscope , dense wavelength division multiplexing and fundamental research markets for the last two decades.
  • TECHNOLOGY - L-3 and Fibercore discuss fibre-optic possibilities
    Major global company L-3 Communications is in exploratory talks with UK-based Fibercore Limited to examine the benefits of using fibre- optic gyroscopes , for which speciality fibre manufacturer Fibercore sees great opportunities.
  • Development of a hydraulic borehole seismic source
    We met with several gyroscope manufacturers , and decided to make provisions, both in the source tool and in the wirelines, for future fiber optic gyros, both in the source tool and in the receiver array.
  • On sky testing of the SOFIA telescope in preparation for the first science observations
    Recently, a re-calibration of the fiber optic gyroscopes was performed on an isolated rate table of the manufacturer IXSEA.
  • Rotational sensors—a comparison of different sensor types
    Because of its in- ertial mass free physical principle based on the Sagnac effect (see Schreiber et al. 2009b), the fiber optic gyroscope LCG-Demonstrator by Northrop Grumman LITEF is not sensitive to translational motions at all. The maximum value for axis mis- alignment given by the manufacturer is 1 mrad.
  • In-line Sagnac interferometer current sensor
    DISCUSSION The in-line Sagnacinterferometer current sensor builds on the fiber optic technology developed for the fiber optic gyro- scope . In thefibergyroscope,scale factor stabilitiesof several parts per million are routinely achieved by several manufac- turers .
  • Intelligent systems for agriculture in Japan
    At the National Grassland Research Institute (NGRI,, an autonomous tractor for for- age production was developed using a fiber - optic gyro- scope and an ultrasonic Doppler speed sensor for position identification [33]. Among manufacturers , the Crop Engineering System Laboratory, Inc., was founded by Kubota Co., Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd...
  • Fibre Optic Communication
    On the other hand, many systems such as fibre interferometers and sensors, fibre- optic gyroscopes , fibre lasers and electro-optic modulators depend on a well-defined SOP, which can be assured by polarisation maintaining (PM) fibre plus correspond- ing connectors and a... In response to these requirements, several manufacturers have developed polar- isation-maintaining fibres which exhibit birefringence within...
  • Vytran To Demonstrate Prototype Large Diameter Fiber Splicer At CLEO: Expo 2010
    A dedicated process tool for splicing standard, large-diameter and specialty fibers , the LFS-4000 has been designed for volume production of fiber assemblies for fiber laser, sensing, medical device, fiber optic gyroscope and fiber-based instrumentation applications. "LFS-4000 is intended for manufacturers that want the splicing performance of our proven filament fusion multi...
  • Fiber-optic gyroscope using an air-core photonic-bandgap fiber
    We support these predictions by showing experimentally that the Shupe effect measured in PBFs from two manufacturers is 3.6 to 5.2 times smaller than in an SMF28 fiber , in excellent accord with theory. The first fiber- optic gyroscope using an air-core fiber is also described, with a minimum detectable rotation rate of about 2.5°/hr.
  • Quantitative Study of the Applicability of Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes for MWD Borehole Surveying
    ...require special and expensive nonmagnetic drill collars and are susceptible to the influence of various external factors, particularly ore deposits downhole and drillstring magnetization.3 In the present study we investigated the applicability of the microelectronic fiber - optic gyroscope in horizontal drilling. ...quan- titative system model of the FOG was developed and tested against the manufacturer specifications.7,8...
  • Accurate Mobile Robot Dead-reckoning with a Precision-calibrated Fiber Optic Gyroscope
    However, this situation changed with the reduction in cost of commercially available fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs). ...most) 0.002°/s = 0.12°/min = 7.2°/hr (see Table I for specifications as published by the manufacturer ).

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