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Baker has promoted these products:

Baker - Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI)

Our high performance systems and clean technology improve pharmaceutical compounding performance in the laboratory. (read more)

Baker - Optimum working capacity using minimum bench space

InvivO2 300

Optimum working capacity using minimum bench space. (read more)

Baker - Improve Stem Cell Yield with Media Conditioning

Prof. Nicholas Forsyth, Associate Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at Keele University in the UK, discusses how the use of a media conditioning system helped his team improve stem cell yield by creating a physiologically-relevant environment for cells directly in culture media. (read more)

Baker - The Biological Safety Cabinet Decision Map

Deciding which clean air or containment technology will keep both you and your laboratory research protected can be difficult. Make it easy by downloading the Clean Air and Containment Decision Map. (read more)

Baker - HEPA Filters: What is yours actually doing?

It is common knowledge that to have a clean environment inside a biosafety cabinet or clean bench, you have to have HEPA-filtered air. Presumably, the filter removes all contaminants, but does it really? How does a HEPA filter work? Are all HEPA filters created equal? (read more)

Baker - How much are HEPA filter replacements costing you?

It's time to think differently about what it means for a biosafety cabinet to fit your budget. The average useful life of a biosafety cabinet is 15 years. Your cabinet purchase needs to fit not only this year's budget, but your budget for the next 15 years. (read more)

Baker - How clean is it inside your CO2 incubator ?

Cultivo® is a CO2 incubator designed to prevent contamination and condensation while giving you full control over three variables critical to cell growth - temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity. (read more)

Baker - Does it matter what you call it?

CO2 Incubator Decontamination or Sterilization: Does it matter what you call it?

Which decontamination method is right for your CO2incubator? (read more)

Baker - Working With Lab Instruments Under Low Oxygen

When working with cells that require a low-oxygen atmosphere to thrive, it is important to create a continuously controlled environment to avoid oxidative stress. Shocking cells by removing them from a tri-gas incubator or hypoxia workstation to examine them under a microscope or run a microplate assay may lead to unexpected results. (read more)