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Baker - Chemical & Environmental Safety in the Lab

Education, Certification & Safety Training
Chemical & Environmental Safety in the Lab
(read more)

Baker - Use of Volatile Chemicals in a Recirculated BSC

Use of Volatile Chemicals in a Recirculated BSC: How Much Is Safe? (read more)

Baker - The Concept range of Anaerobic Workstations

Save time in getting patient samples efficiently into correct anaerobic conditions, with our fast interlock purge cycle times and Single Plate Entry System (SPES™). Go further with our remote monitoring and control system, allows complete control wherever you are. (read more)

Baker - Modular, Aseptic, Biocontainment

Baker Introduces a Modular, Aseptic, Biocontainment, Robotics Enclosure (read more)

Baker - Bugbox: Powerful, Compact Anaerobic Workstation

Bugbox anaerobic workstations from Baker are designed specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates. Bugbox is easy to use. Its compact size meets the needs of even the smallest laboratory spaces, economical with a lower cost per plate, more reliable, providing a stable atmosphere, and minimal maintenance. (read more)

Baker - InvivO2 Models – Mimic Physiology

Baker Ruskinn’s InvivO2 line of physiological oxygen, cell culture workstations are designed and built to mimic the physiology of your subject matter, giving you the reassurance of precise results under controlled conditions. (read more)

Baker - Powerful physiological cell culture workstation

InvivO2 Physiological Cell Culture Workstation. A powerful physiological cell culture workstation, InvivO2 features three models carefully designed to meet your specific needs with advanced ergonomic design providing excellent hand access and rapid single plate loading to deliver precise control of your culture environment. (read more)

Baker - How much are HEPA filter replacements costing you?

It's time to think differently about what it means for a biosafety cabinet to fit your budget. The average useful life of a biosafety cabinet is 15 years. Your cabinet purchase needs to fit not only this year's budget, but your budget for the next 15 years. (read more)

Baker - Class II A2 Cost of Biosafety Cabinet Ownership Calculator

When selecting which biosafety cabinet is right for you, price along with quality is almost always a top consideration. While sticker price seems like the most pertinent cost data, you need to consider the total cost of ownership to get a true picture of the financial impact of your purchase. Total cost of ownership includes purchase price, energy consumption, filter and replacement part... (read more)

Baker -  “Dedicated to deliver”

Baker Ruskinn launches its new Concept range of Anaerboic and Microaerophilic workstations… Concept “Dedicated to deliver” the results your work demands (read more)

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BakerRuskinn, global leaders in anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology applications, today announces the launch of its new Concept range of workstations, designed to deliver the most reliable and consistent results.