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Baker - Larger Physiological Cell Culture Workstations

Baker Ruskinn's SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxic workstations is perfectly suited for low-oxygen cell culture, helping to yield better stem cell lines by elimating cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation. (read more)

Baker - InvivO2 Physiological Cell Culture Workstations

Each one of Baker Ruskinn’s InvivO2 three models is carefully refined to suit your specific needs, with advanced ergonomic design providing excellent hand access and rapid single plate loading. (read more)

Baker - Rapid Oxygen Control Chambers

VELO2x 510 Applications:

  • Apnea.
  • Ocular Angiogenesis.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Ischemia.
(read more)
Baker - AeroPROTECT 360 Aseptic Containment Enclosure

AeroPROTECT 360° features a series of four biocontainment enclosures designed specifically to house robotics systems, such as automatic liquid handlers. (read more)

Baker - Fluid Aspiration System

Baker has partnered with Vacuubrand to offer a safe, convenient and sterile solution for your fluid aspiration needs. (read more)

Baker - Horizontal Flow Clean Bench

Clean benches designed with you in mind. (read more)

Baker - Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

As the pioneer and leading innovator of air containment, contamination control and precision cell culture products, Baker doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to protecting you or your research. (read more)

Baker - Eliminating the Edge Effect with ReCO2verâ„¢

Eliminating the Edge Effect with ReCO2ver™ Webinar (read more)

Baker - Achieve Optimal with your Rapid Recovery Incubator


Baker - Cell Culture Chamber PhO2x Box

Baker Ruskinn’s PhO2x Box is a new, easy to use and economical Physoxia/Hypoxia system designed for in vitro cell culture experiments. (read more)

Baker - Biological Safety Cabinet for lab instrumentation.

The BioPROTECT® family offers a combination of 3 unique design platforms and 8 standard configurations. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of research and industrial applications where biocontainment is required. (read more)

Baker - Volatile Chemicals and Class II Type A2 BSCs

Use of Volatile Chemicals in a Recirculated BSC: How Much is Safe? (read more)

Baker - Introducing HypoxEU

Coming on September 16th, our HypoxEU Virtual Event Series, a scientific exploration & discussion on oxygenation and biology. (read more)

Baker - Rapid Recovery Incubator


Baker - What is Physoxia?

On Demand Webinar
Join Dr. Krista Rantanen Ph.D. for a discussion surrounding precision in science and how controlling oxygen levels help you achieve this. (read more)

Baker - The Best Laboratory Containment Available

The AeroPROTECT 360 ° is uniquely designed to provide a series of four biocontainment enclosures and specifically produced to house robotic systems such as automatic liquid handlers. (read more)

Baker - SCI-tive cGMP Brochure

The SCI-tive range of advanced O2 controlled workstations are designed to mimic in vivo conditions, providing a continuous cell culture environment. (read more)

Baker - Does Heat Really Effect Protection?

MythBuster presentation given by Kara Held Ph.D. at the 2018 ABSA Scientific Session to find out more (read more)

Baker - Luxury Accommodation for Cells

CondoCell® eliminates the harmful effects cells currently experience within the most in vitro tools by delivering stable, uninterrupted control over the growth conditions they require. (read more)

Baker -  Volatiles and Class II Type A2 BSCs

Discover more about Volatiles and Class II Type A2 BSCs in the latest MythBuster webinar!

Let Baker assist in your risk assessment to determine which BSC may be appropriate for your work (read more)

Baker - Biological safety when using instrumentation

Did you know? Biological safety is often a concern when using instrumentation such as flow cytometers, ultra-centrifuges, microscopy and more.

Baker can develop an integrated solution! (read more)

Baker - BSC Cost of Ownership Calculator

With rising energy costs, one needs to think differently about budgeting for a biosafety cabinet. The average useful life of a biosafety cabinet is 15 years. Your cabinet purchase needs to fit not only this year's budget, but your budget for the next 15 years! (read more)

Baker - Containment enclosure for laboratory automation

AeroPROTECT 360° is uniquely designed to provide the best protection from aerosols and particulates associated with the use of automatic liquid handling systems. (read more)

Baker - Introduction to Clean Benches

The laminar flow clean bench is a work bench or similar enclosure which has its own filtered air supply. The clean bench was developed as an adjunct to clean room technology (the need to protect the work from contamination). (read more)

Baker - Contamination Control

Preventing contamination of your work, your environment, and yourself is paramount to us at Baker. Here are some resources to help ensure you and your work stay clean and safe. (read more)

Baker - Real-time Cell Analyzers

RESIPHER replaces 32-well plastic lids with an on-plate monitor — streaming data about the conditions in which your cells reside, directly from your incubator or workstation. (read more)

Baker - Stable anaerobic atmosphere in a compact footprint

Powerful Anaerobic & Microaerophilic Workstation In a Compact Footprint (read more)

Baker - Mimic Physiology

Each one of Baker Ruskinn’s InvivO2 three models is carefully refined to suit your specific needs, with advanced ergonomic design providing excellent hand access and rapid single plate loading. (read more)

Baker - Low Oxygen Culture System for Plant & Cell Biology

Check out the NEW tool designed specifically to provide a compact, portable, and continuous physoxic environment for cultured cells during high-resolution microscopy and irradiation studies! (read more)

Baker - New SafeGARD Solutions Brochure

Explore the SafeGARD solutions brochure and consult your biosafety professional to understand what is right for you and your application. (read more)

Baker - Common Disinfectant Chemical Compatibility

Here's a handy chart of commonly used cleaners and their compatibility with 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. As a rule of thumb, all chemicals rated B-D if used, should be followed up with a sterile rinse of a Category A chemical such as sterile water or alcohol to protect your steel (read more)

Baker - Now You Can Culture as Nature Intended!
  • Constant Physiological culture is now possible for all laboratories
  • Filtered, protected and contained environment for you and your cells
  • Ideal for short term hypoxia studies or increased long term storage when coupled with a workstation
  • Utility for O2 and non-O2 culture
(read more)
Baker - A Look Inside the Baker Manufacturing Facility

Have you ever thought about the true craftsmanship that goes into every Baker cabinet manufactured in Sanford, Maine? Baker produced a video that gives a peek behind the “manufacturing” curtain to highlight the attention to detail put into each and every cabinet they deliver! (read more)

Baker - Physiological Cell Culture Workstations

Easy to use and adaptable to meet your needs, especially for cell culture applications that require carefully controlled oxygen regulation, InvivO2 offers accurate and stable user-defined environmental controls, direct access to the inner chamber. (read more)

Baker - A new concept in fluorescence microscopy

A dramatically new concept in simple, inexpensive, and accessible fluorescence microscopy. (read more)

Baker - Education, Certification & Safety Training

Education, Certification & Safety Training
Chemical & Environmental Safety in the Lab (read more)