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The Acme Automatic Scraper Strainer

Featured Product from Acme Engineering Products

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Advantages of Scraper Strainers Over Backwash Strainers

Scraper strainers, like the ACME model, provide several key benefits over backwash strainers:

  1. Continuous Operation: Unlike backwash strainers, which require periodic shutdowns for cleaning, scraper strainers can operate continuously, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  2. Efficient Solids Removal: The ACME Automatic Scraper Strainer excels at removing a broad spectrum of solid sizes, from large debris down to fine particles, ensuring comprehensive filtration.

  3. Durability and Longevity: Constructed with SS316L or other high-grade alloys, all internal components, including the wedge wire screen, are built for durability and extended service life.

  4. Customizable Designs: ACME offers special designs tailored for specific applications, such as viscous fluids, suction-side installations, and jacketed vessels. Each strainer is fabricated to the exact design requirements of the client, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.