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Custom Laser Engraving & Etching on Flat Glass

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

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Abrisa Technologies has added 2 new laser engraving processes to their value-added, ready-to-install glass fabrication service capabilities. The company now provides in-house:

  • CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass
  • Laser etched graphics, icons and unique identifiers (QR codes and barcodes)

These two methods of laser engraving and etching add to the company’s Total Solution approach of single-point accountability for fabricated specialty glass components.

CO2 Laser Engraving “Marking” of Select Coated & Uncoated Glass: Laser engraving directly onto select coated or uncoated glass creates human readable, non-removeable identification and LOT tracking information for traceability without any added profile or chemistry constraints or concerns. The marking can be done on the edge or face. The alpha-numerics can be 2.8 mm to 7.1 mm in height and can be specified in one of three popular font options.
Laser Etched Graphics: Selective removal of screen-printed ink on glass is ideal when unique identifiers such as machine readable QR codes or barcodes are desired to be incorporated into the face or border graphics of the glass component. The laser etched graphics approach is an effective option to support on-demand display glass graphics and unique identifiers which can vary by platform or part yet still take advantage of a common display glass blank for reduced inventory costs.

Laser Marked Graphics On-Demand Supports:

  • Use of Lower Cost Common Blanks
  • Display Manufacturing with High Mix
  • Template Files for On-Demand Graphics

Unique Identifiers and QR Codes For:

  • Serial Number and LOT Tracking
  • Access to User’s Manual/Video
  • Website Warranty Registration

Substrates to be Marked

  • Materials Processed: Borofloat® or Soda Lime
  • Shape of Surface to be Marked: Flat (No Marking on Radius)
  • Surfaces to be Marked: Faces or Flat Edge
  • Finish on Edge: Ground or Pencil Polished
  • Minimum Size of Part: 3” Long Marked
  • Maximum Size of Part: 36” in any Dimension
  • Minimum Thickness of Glass: 3mm
  • Maximum Thickness of Glass: No Limit
  • Optional: Marking Through Select Non-Metallic and non-IR Reflective Coatings

Marking Location on Part

  • Edge Horizontal Location: 2mm min. from the Start of any Corner or Radius
  • Edge Vertical Location: Centered (Standard) Custom Upon Request
  • Face Horizontal/Vertical Location: Min. 2” from any Edge or Corner

Graphical Options

  • Available Fonts: Arial, Tahoma or Calibri
  • Minimum Font Size: 8 Point - 2.8mm High, (0.11”) High
  • Maximum Font Size: 20 Point - 7.1mm High, (0.28”) High
  • Standard Font Size: 12 Point, Text Character Limited
  • Character String “may be” Limited by Font Size or Marking Surface
  • Ablation Depth: Nominal 0.003” - 0.004” Typical
  • Other Marking Ablation Depths may be Possible - Consult Factory
  • Other Logo, Barcode, Patterning Upon Special Request

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