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Optical Coatings & Technology Glass Fab Processing

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

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Abrisa Technologies’ broad scope of design and manufacturing capabilities, vertical integration and single-point accountability allows you to put your trust in one company for supply chain simplicity, convenience, reduced cost of ownership, and delivery of consistent and reliable product every time.
 • Float, Low Alkaline, Low CTE & Specialty HIE™ Chemically Strengthened Aluminosilicates in mm to meter sizes
 • Specialize in Ultra-Thin (0.03 – 0.4mm) Glass Fabrication, HIE™ Strengthening & Coating
 • Fabrication for Shape & Other Custom Features to Your Specific Needs
 • Chemical or Heat Strengthening/Toughening for Damage Resistance
 • Coatings for Filtering, Color, Signal Selection, High Throughput, Reflection, Transparent Conductivity, NVG
 • Compatibility, UV & IR Management, Protection
 • Screen Printing for Branding, Displays, Electrical Connectivity (Bus-Bars & Wire Bonding)
 • Value-Added Assembly, Applied Films, Oleophobics, Laser Marking & Gasket Cutting