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Amphe-Lite Fiber Optic Termini

Featured Product from Amphenol Communications Solutions

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Designed to interconnect fiber optic channels by providing precise alignment, tight contact and strong protection, this fiber optic solution is light weight for applications where total system weight is a factor; features an acceptable insertion loss when the distance is over 1KM; as well as offers 200 and 600 MHz/km of bandwidth when there is an enormous amount of information to carry.

These versatile connectors are shock and vibration resistant and can withstand 500 mating cycles. The Amphe-Lite fiber optic termini is compatible with MIL-DTL-38999 shell and have excellent adaptability in a size 16 cavity. They are designed and manufactured to be equivalent to MIL-PRF-29504/4&5.

This enhanced connector series features a ceramic alignment sleeve that ensures accurate fiber to fiber alignment. Connector sockets have a threaded protective shroud that is manufactured from rugged plastics. The contacts are spring-loaded to ensure consistent mating.

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