"ALL STAINLESS" Reversible Homogenizing Mixer

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

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Model CJ-50-1 Reversible Homogenizing Mixer has a 5 HP 3600 RPM 6" diameter impeller with a rotor stator gap set at 0.025" producing maximum theoretical shearing rates of 45,000 reciprocal seconds. This homogenizer mixer is capable of drawing in and wetting out powders such as CMC, titanium dioxide,guar and xanthan gum, polyetylene oxide, pregellatinized starch, carbomers, fumed silica, locust bean gum, Aspartame, flour, batter mix, cane sugar, and many more. The unique down mode flow draws floating powders down from surface directly into the high shear zones between the rotor and the stator. The adjustable baffle plate can be set to different levels in the vessel so that splashing and aeration are all but eliminated. By running at full speed, extremely high shear rates are produced that can disperse solid powders and emulsify immiscible liquid mixtures down to single micron droplet size distributions. Available in all stainless construction, the CJ-50 is widely used in the personal care manufacturing, beverage bottling, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries.

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