Reversible Homogenizer Model CJ-20

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

The axial flow impeller of the CJ-20 Reversible Homogenizer can be run in either and upward pumping UP Mode or, by reversing the polarity of the electric power, pump downwards towards the bottom of the batch.  A typical mixing process begins with the CJ-20 running in the Down Mode to produce a vortex like flow pattern that draws in and wets out floating powders down into the high shear zones between the high speed axial flow rotor and the Rotor Housing stationary Stator.  Next, the mixer is reversed to the UP Mode, but, first, the unique baffle plate is set to a level that provides the desired level of mixing in the process mixing vessel.  By setting the baffle plate to minimize surface turbulence, the homogenizer can be run at full speed to produce the highest shear rates for the finest droplet size and particle size distributions.  After the mix is nearly fininished, a short burst of Down Mode can be used to blast off any settled solids that may have collected in the far lower corners of the mix container.   Finally, by adjusting to a lower speed and placing the baffle plate at the surface of the liquid at rest, deaeration is effected with the UP Mode.  So 4 different mixing capabilities are possible with the Reversible Homogenizer.  Economy along with high capability make the CJ-20 the "go to" mixer for making craems and lotions, pigment dispersions, flavor emulsions and many other high quality products.