Reversible Homogenizing Mixer

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

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Combining high shear dispersion and emulsification capabilities with a very economical capital and operating cost, the CJ-20 series of the Reversible Homogenizing Mixer can disperse fine powders to small particle size and also emulsify immiscible liquids such as oil and water phases to a single micron droplet size distribution. Reversible axial flow allows the CJ-20 to accomplish tasks not offered by radial flow mixers including: drawing in light powders down from the surface into the shear zone for complete "wet out" and dispersion.... directing a positive downward flow that blasts off any settled solids from the bottom of a process vessel..... operation at full speed for the highest shearing rates in a variety of different fill levels using the upward flow mode and adjustment of the moveable baffle plate to avoid air incorporation and foaming...... and also the pumping of air bubbles trapped in the bottom of a batch of viscous product up to the top surface that allows the bubbles to break and escape the thick liquid. A price proposal is available on the website .

The CJ-20 series specifications and dimensions along with a pricing of all standard Reversible Homogenizing mixers can be found in the website along with a seachable database of application information. ARDE Barinco mixers are available for prove out trials. In addition, trained technical sales representatives are available a worldwide locations who can bring in a Reversible Homogenizer and demonstrate it on your products.