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Volatile Chemicals and Class II Type A2 BSCs

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Volatile Chemicals and Class II Type A2 "Recirculated BSCs": How much is Safe?
Volatile chemicals, while typically used in a fume hood, may sometimes be used in conjunction with biological experiments which often require the use of a biosafety cabinet (BSC).

We have derived a series of equations to calculate the internal concentration, maximum amount allowed safely and the time required for the evacuation of any volatile chemical, shown both by calculation and experimentation.

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Free E-Book: Integrated Biosafety Solutions for the Modern Laboratory
For many applications, standard biosafety cabinets, clean benches, and other containment equipment fall short of providing a truly efficient solution to workflow challenges in the modern laboratory. This e-book contains profiles of several facilities just like yours that improved efficiency with slightly modified containment solutions, at an affordable cost.

Each profile contains:

  • A summary of the facility's challenges
  • A description of the modified biosafety cabinet, clean bench, or other containment solution that solved the facility's problems
  • Photos and/or drawings of the modified solution


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