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Busch Vacuum Solutions at Anuga FoodTec

Featured Product from Busch Vacuum Solutions

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Busch Vacuum Solutions at Anuga FoodTec at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Busch Vacuum Solutions will be presenting energy-efficient and highly variable vacuum solutions that optimally meet the high demands of the food industry.
Every application in the food industry is unique and requires a perfectly matched vacuum solution. Food cooling, vacuum drying and pneumatic conveying of foodstuffs place different demands on the vacuum supply. The vacuum solutions from Busch are proven in all phases of the production, storage and transport of food and beverages.
One solution – countless applications
The vacuum pumps in the R5 RA series have shown themselves to be multi-talents. Thanks to their proven rotary vane technology, which has been specially designed for continuous operation in industrial vacuum, the vacuum pumps are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. These include not only freeze drying, vacuum cooling and various forms of vacuum packaging, but also pneumatic conveying.
Save energy thanks to optimal operating conditions
With the powerful COBRA DX plug&pump solution, Busch demonstrates its state-of-the-art screw technology, which can be used in many applications in the food and beverage industry. The dry screw vacuum pumps have a touch screen with intuitive menu navigation. An integrated variable speed drive with various operating modes ensures that the COBRA DX vacuum pumps operate under optimal operating conditions at all times, thus keeping the total cost-of-ownership low.
Reliability with high quality requirements
Busch DOLPHIN VL liquid ring vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for beverage filling applications. They are particularly resistant to condensates, solutions containing sugar, and sticky substances. DOLPHIN VL vacuum pumps and systems can be easily cleaned in a CIP process. An open or closed fluid circuit can save up to 70% of the required operating fluid. The frequency control option also offers considerable energy-saving potential. This is due to the fact that only as much vacuum is generated as is actually required for the respective application.
Busch IoT solutions from Busch, such as OTTO Digital Services, complement these energy-efficient liquid ring solutions by reducing downtime, identifying losses and increasing productivity.
High demands – limited resources
Busch Vacuum Solutions focuses not only on technological innovation, but also on environmental conservation and the sustainable use of resources. The products and technologies are designed to minimize energy consumption and actively reduce the environmental footprint of the food and beverage industry.
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