Fire-Resistant Anti-Static Wrap

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Fire-Resistant Anti-Static Wrap
Conductive thermoplastic compound on a polyethylene base, designed and certified for safe usage in mines and underground applications. FRAS has an extremely good balance or mechanical properties and tested to MSHA #IC-264/0, AS1880.10B, AS1180.13A and AS2600.

Pig’s Tail™ Fire Resistant Anti-Static Spiral Wrap series is produced from a conductive thermoplastic compound on a Polyethylene base. A special conductive carbon black is used for conductivity.

In addition to being flame retardant, these wraps are designed to have low electrical resistance, helping to prevent hydraulic hose and cable bundles from building up an electrical charge. Tested to: AS 2600, AS 1180.10B, AS 1180.13A, MSHA # IC-264/0 standards

  • Anti-Static and Fire Retardant to prevent accidental flames and sparks in critical environments
  • Allows bundling of multiple or single hose according to requirement
  • MSHA (The Mine Safety and Health Administration) certified and approved for safe usage in mines


Hose Guard
A full line of hose protection. From the industry leading Pig’s Tail™ Spiral Wrap to our anti-abrasion sleeve, hose protection solution for every application and environment. Manufactured under our stringent ISO certified quality management system, we ensure consistent, quality products.
Caplugs Hose Guard parts :

  • Provide heavy-duty protection for hoses and cables
  • Increase service life of hydraulic hoses
  • Flexible, tough and durable
  • Available in multiple sizes, colors and styles
  • Accessories for hose wrapping and maintenance plugs


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