Screwjacks Control The Gap Positioning

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Home improvements, and especially kitchen renovations, are hot topics in lifestyle TV shows and magazines. The focal point of most family’s homes is the kitchen. Selection for the countertop is a big decision. There are natural materials, laminates, and solid man-made options.

DieQua was called upon to help in the design of a machine to manufacture solid counter top material, one of the more popular choices due to it’s wear and maintenance characteristics. The design was complex, but used a concept that is relevant in a variety of extrusion and rolling forming applications.

The idea was to take a liquefied polymer or resin and feed it through a series of rollers that would slowly compress and cool the material until it reached the required thickness and density parameters. Each roll station was to include roller gap control and tension transducers to achieve the proper thickness and compression pressure. Up to 30 stations were required in the process.

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