RM126x Series LoRaWAN Transceiver Modules

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Laird Connectivity’s RM1261 and RM1262 series modules are based on Silicon Labs EFR32 series SoC and the Semtech SX126x radio. They provide a low-power, long-range solution for users to easily develop their LoRaWAN implementation. The RM126x series supports LoRaWAN classes A, B, and C for secure, scalable, and bidirectional communication and leverages the advantages of Silicon Labs hardware, software, and tools. The Laird Connectivity RM126x modules also include a LoRa point-to-point (LoRa P2P) capability, enabling users to create their own private ultra-long-range radio network between two RM126x modules. The RM126x series modules are small form factor PCB modules with a built-in MHF4 connector, TCXO, and a DC/DC converter. The modules are designed to operate in both hosted and hostless modes. Hosted mode can be easily programmed with Laird’s AT command set when connected to an external microcontroller. Hostless mode utilizes the powerful Cortex®-M33 core, which includes 512 kB Flash and 32 K RAM. Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio offers full support for development purposes, with a range of sample applications offered by Laird Connectivity to simplify customer development.

  • Based on Silicon Labs EFR32/Semtech SX126X
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • LoRa P2P communication
  • Developed with hosted and hostless options
  • Broad regulatory support
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Smart cities, utility monitoring, building, and infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Transportation, supply chain, and logistics
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Industrial automation