Gravimetric Weigh Feeder

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How The CentriFeeder MCV Weigh Feeder Works

The CentriFeeder MCV is a gravimetric device that works by integrating the flow measurement accuracy of the CentriFlow Meter with the flow controlling capabilities of an Integrated Slide Gate. Combined into a single, multifunctioning weigh feeder, the MCV both measures the flow rate and total of the product that runs through it, but also controls the flow rate and total to a predetermined setpoint. As product flows through the MCV and flows over the curved measurement pan, the instantaneous flow rate is measured and used, via a PID control loop, to modulate the Integrated Control Valve. Because the CentriFeeder MCV is able to respond to changes in flow rate within 100 ms and can typically be within +/-1.00% of the flow set-point within 1 second, it offers a perfect alternative to conventional Loss-in-Weight feeders. The result is an extremely accurate way to measure and control the flow of any granular product such as pellets, grains, fertilizers and more.