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Hamilton Company is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of manual, semi-automated, and robotic products for precision fluid measuring. For over 50 years, Hamilton has been helping customers satisfy end-users' needs by providing high performance fluid handling systems for the entire flow path: pumps, valves, syringes and needles. Read More...

Our products include:

  • Precision syringe drive pumps in 30 mm and 60 mm stroke lengths to meet all applications
  • Superior performance valves with ceramic, PTFE, and CTFE inserts for delivering chemically inert flow paths
  • Comprehensive selection of specialty syringes provide long life for the most precise and reliable fluid handling
  • Self-contained, bi-directional valve positioner with a wide choice of valves for easy replacement and accurate port alignment

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Hamilton's competitive advantage -

Our team of over 40 engineers, technicians, and machinists are ready to help you find the best design and get your product to market faster. We work closely with you throughout your design project and are dedicated to exceptional client communication. Every component in the fluid path is designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house using the latest CAD technology at our 168,000 sq. ft. facility in Reno, NV.

Hamilton Company's extensive line of products (use the links below for additional informaiton and data sheets):

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