Pilot Scale Carbon Fiber Line

Featured Product from Harper International Corporation

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to the Department of Energy’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF) which houses this 390-ft / 118-meter advanced process line, provided by Harper International. Harper was selected for the DOE contract due to its capability to successfully design, manufacture, install, and commission a fully integrated Carbon Fiber process line.

The facility aims to be a collaborative research center and is designed as one of the most sophisticated and capable lines in the industry. This highly flexible, highly instrumented line demonstrated advanced technology scalability and produces market development volumes of prototypical Carbon Fibers, and serves as a key step before commercial production scale.

The ideal outlet for Carbon Fiber research and development, Harper designed the line to be capable of custom unit operation configuration and with a capacity of up to 25 tons per year, or 4.3 kg per hour, allowing industry to validate conversion of their Carbon Fiber precursors at semi-production scale. 

Harper’s Complete Pilot Scale Carbon Fiber Line Capabilities:

- Rated capacity 25 tonnes/year based on 24k PAN tows
- Configured for PAN, polyolefins, lignin, and pitch precursors; Upgradable for rayon and high-modulus carbon fibers; Internals designed with high degree of corrosion resistance for alternative precursors
- Designed for 3k to 80k tows and web up to 300mm wide x 12.7mm loft
- Oxidation temperature to 400°C with airflow configurable for parallel, cross or down flow; Driven pass-back rollers for slip prevention at low loading; Optimized for faster oxidation through elimination of the chimney effect, improved velocity uniformity and range, assurance of temperature uniformity at a variety of flow rates
- Flexible internal design throughout the line allowing material processing in either tow (unsupported) or web (supported by belt) formats
- Low-temperature carbonization up to 1000°C with capability to produce structural or micro/nano-porous fibers; High-temperature carbonization to 2000°C
- Post-treatment system designed for compatibilizing fibers with performance or commodity resins

With Harper, you will find a partner uniquely qualified to support the growing needs of
the Carbon Fiber market. Contact us today to learn about testing and piloting needs in collaboration with ORNL’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility as well as our other pilot and testing facilities throughout the world.