That Crunch Factor (Paratherm™ NF)

Featured Product from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

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Paratherm™ NF is a food industry leader in more ways than one.

 From the best kettle chips with that “crunch factor”, to the “mellow moist bake” of your favorite snack cake. All that keeps you happy, reaching for more!

Top brands use a heat transfer fluid in the manufacturing process. Makers of premium foods also use a food grade heat transfer fluid that helps their recipes sing, like gourmet filled pastas, with efficiency and precision.

Their secret is Paratherm™ NF, the best food grade heat transfer fluid on the market. Paratherm™ NF is pure and durable. Its durability is almost double that of other brands, a fact that Paratherm has tracked and re-established for more than 30 years. Nothing else comes close and the numbers prove it.

Each Paratherm™ NF purchase is scheduled for follow-up fluid testing. Paratherm has its own lab facility where all the company’s testing is performed. Periodically, each Paratherm customer receives a three-page report with graphs and expert recommendations. The results give Paratherm™ NF customers a complete and accurate picture of the fluid’s lifecycle. Graphs illustrate the degrees of Paratherm™ NF degradation over years of use. Recommendations help customers learn about safety and maintenance.

Paratherm™ NF is one example of why Paratherm’s success stems from science, customer support and the company’s overall commitment to consumer education.

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