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Straight Side Press

Featured Product from Savage Engineering, Inc.

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Savage Straight-Side and Slab-Side Presses are used for applications which require assurance of better guidance than 4-post or c-frame presses can provide. Gibs can be adjusted for a tight running clearance to maintain parallelism even under minor offset loads. Proper running clearance is factory pre-set and rarely needs adjustment. If requires, gibbing adjustments can be made front-to-back and side-to-side at all four corners.

  • Large side windows on straight-side presses allow coil feeding
  • Hardened and ground gibs
  • Available with 4-way angular or 8-way adjustable gibs of generous length
  • Rigid construction
  • Available with low friction, self lubricated non-metallic gib liners to eliminate lubrication
  • Extra long heavy cross section gibs provide greater bearing area and more accurate guiding of the slide