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OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle System Grit Removal

Featured Product from Smith & Loveless, Inc.

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With more than 2,500 PISTA® Grit Chamber installations worldwide, Smith & Loveless continues to advance the science of grit removal with the patent pending OPTIFLOW 270Baffle System for the PISTA® 270 The OPTIFLOW 270 Baffle System brings previously unachieved grit removal efficiencies to new PISTA® 270 Grit Chambers, improving grit removal from 65% of 100 mesh (150 micron) grit and 85% of 70 mesh (210 micron) to 95% of 100 mesh (150 micron) during peak and low flows alike.

Designed by the team that created the PISTA® 270¢, the OPTIFLOW 270 ¢B baffle fits inside the grit chamber at the exit, directing the flow toward the hopper for an additional pass along the flat-bottomed chamber floor for grit removal. This revolutionary baffle reduces the weir effect at the outlet, keeping more fine grit within the chamber and improving the toroidal flow path within the PISTA® Grit Chamber. The OPTIFLOW 270¢LFB baffle is installed on all units where the lowest flow rate is below 60% of the design rate. This inlet channel baffle maintains infl uent velocities to provide proper entry velocity into the main chamber vortex.

The key to grit removal excellence with the PISTA® 270¢ is its unique flat chamber floor design and forced vortex operation. Now these features have been enhanced with the OPTIFLOW 270⢠making higher grit removal efficiencies with the PISTA® 270⢠Grit Chamber reality.