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Custom Designed Cartesian Robot

Featured Product from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

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Watch>>Cartesian robot with vertical T-Bot drive configuration
This is a custom designed cartesian robot destined for a liquid handling application. It's built around our LC40 family of belt driven linear stages and uses what's known as a T-Bot configuration for the Z axis to avoid the weight and wiring nightmare of having to raise and lower the Z-axis motor. The configuration we implemented is a little different from typical T-Bots you may see where the belt is anchored to the vertical column and there is a motor on either side of the horizontal column. Keeping all the motors on one side simplifies the wiring. 

LC40 Family

  • T-slot extrusion with integrated linear bearing
  • Recirculating ball bearings for high load and lifetime
  • Configurable travel up to 3500 mm with standard lead times
  • Compatible with most 40 mm T-slot framing


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