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Zygo offers over 50 years of experience in manufacturing precision optics and high-precision metrology. This combination makes us the ideal partner in the rapidly growing market of space-based communications and Earth observation. Already, numerous satellites are equipped with Zygo telescopes and deliver up-to-date images from space on a daily basis. As a vertically integrated company we offer expertise in the production of optics, construction of electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems and last but not least in the design of complex telescopes. In addition, our high precision Verifire and Dynafiz series laser interferometers can be used to characterize and align your own telescope. Measurements with Zygo instruments are a recognized standard in the market and provide nanometer-precise measurement results even under difficult production conditions. We can draw on our many years of experience and over 750 patents, making us the ideal partner for high-precision measurements and component manufacturing. We would be happy to support you in choosing the right solution for your application!