Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Micron Meters DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter is a compact, high performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability. Read more...

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Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Utilizing Lika’s IF55 Gateway, it is possible to connect your Lika SSI encoders to Ethernet/IP while providing complete integration and full compliance with the latest ODVA specification. Read more...

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Electro-Sensors, Inc.

The AIFO-200 is an interface device used between an analog signal and a frequency-input device typically used in applications where a process is monitored by a transducer, PLC, PC, or some other device that provides a 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA signal. Read more...

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Define Instruments

Connect your discrete industrial equipment to the Cloud with the Zen IoT.
The Zen IoT is an IoT Gateway and Edge Processing device that accepts up to 16 universal inputs.
It collates data from your equipment, performs calculations and sends the results to the Cloud. This way only meaningful data is published, keeping bandwidth costs and data noise to a minimum.

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For signal conditioning, the new 3-Series analyzers feature Xpods, expander modules, instead of slots. The Xpod modules can be added, removed and exchanged between the analyzers in a few seconds. Thanks to the lateral mounting, the classical BNC connectors are still available to use the inputs with classical transducers (ICP/AC/DC/Float) Read more...

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